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Dear Business Partners and Friends,

            We are certainly living in unique and unprecedented times. We hope that this letter finds you safe, happy and healthy.

            We at the Schaghticoke Fair have been working diligently to try and bring a fair to each of you, and our fairgoers, for the 2020 Season. Unfortunately, we have had no success gaining any clear guidance from the State on when the necessary permits will be available.  All we know is that at this time, they are not. If we were to try and host a fair right now, it would be without permits and in direct contradiction of the Governor’s Executive Order.  We know that there is a certain amount of time needed to plan an event as large as our fair. We know you have to make travel and business arrangements. And, most importantly, we recognize that in current conditions, there are significant health risks involved with hosting our fair.  For those reasons, while it absolutely breaks our hearts, we have decided to cancel the 2020 Fair.

            If you have sent in your contract for 2020, we thank you for your optimism. We shared your thoughts and hopes.  We will be rolling over 100% of your fees paid to 2021, and there will be no changes in pricing for next season.  You will receive a new 2021 Contract, reflective of your 2020 payments, at the normal “renewal time”, over the winter.  If you have not sent in your 2020 contract, we do understand.  It will not be held against you. You will receive a 2021 contract in the winter as well.  We do ask that you fall into this latter category- you are sure to get us that contract in a timely manner, as we will have not seen each other for two years! We want to be sure your intentions to attend our fair have not changed.

            Again, we are truly saddened to make this decision. We felt as though we “held out” for as long as we could.  We hope that you understand, and you will join us in 2021.

Be well,


Carly Reyna Ostrander
Fair Manager, on Behalf of the Board of Directors